Very Easy Puzzles

  • Ice Creams

    Figure out the favorite ice cream of each boy.

Medium Puzzles

  • Bike Park new

    Five boys are riding bikes at the park. Follow the clues to figure out their pets.

  • Bird Lovers new

    Five girls are talking about birds. Follow the clues to figure out the favorite bird of each girl.

  • Einstein's Puzzle featured

    This classic logic puzzle is allegedly credited to Albert Einstein. The legend says he created this puzzle as a young boy in the late 19th century.

  • Italian Food new

    Five friends are talking about their favorite Italian food. Find out who likes pizza.

  • Pasta and Wine

    Five friends are planning a dinner together so they are talking about their favorite pastas and wines. Follow the clues to figure out their preferences.

Learn how to play

  • Basic 1

    This is possibly the easiest zebra puzzle you'll find. Solve it if this is your first time playing this kind of logic puzzle.

  • Basic 2

    Have fun playing this very easy zebra puzzle that only has 7 clues.

  • Basic 3

    This zebra puzzle is a little bit harder than the previous basic ones.

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Learn how to play

Learn the basics by playing these simple zebra puzzles.

Printable Zebra Puzzles

Check out our Printable Zebra Puzzles page. You will find a printable version (PDF) for each of our zebra puzzles.