Print-At-Home Zebra Puzzles
Print-At-Home Zebra Puzzles
  • 60 Zebra Puzzles (PDFs)
  • 30 medium + 15 hard + 15 very hard puzzles
  • Answers included

Very Easy Puzzles

  • Hot Pool Day

    Four girls are having fun on a sunny day at the pool. Can you figure out which girl is wearing the yellow swimsuit?

  • Ice Creams

    Figure out the favorite ice cream of each boy.

  • Incredible Origami

    Four talented boys have crafted remarkable origami creations. Your task is to discover which origami was made by Eugene.

  • Wheels Around Town featured

    Four friends are cycling around the city on their bicycles. Determine which bike each one is riding.

Easy Puzzles

  • Canine Adoption

    Four men are in the process of adopting four adorable dogs. Your task is to determine which dog is being adopted by the man dressed in the orange shirt.

  • Dessert Lovers

    Four women are engaged in a conversation, discussing their favorite desserts. Your goal is to determine the favorite dessert of the woman who is wearing the blue shirt.

  • In-Flight Movies

    Four passengers are occupying seats in the same row during a flight. Your objective is to determine which movie each passenger is currently enjoying on the in-flight entertainment system.

  • Late Night Movies featured

    Four friends are gathered together, enjoying a cozy movie night at home. Your challenge is to uncover the favorite movie genre of each friend.

  • Pizza Lovers

    Four men are enjoying a meal together, each with a unique slice of pizza and a different soft drink. Find out which pizza the man wearing the black shirt is eating.

  • Students in Library featured

    Four students are together in the school's library. Your task is to determine which student borrowed the biography book.

  • Sunny Beach Fun

    Four women are savoring a delightful day under the sun at the beach. Your mission is to identify the favorite book author of each woman.

Medium Puzzles

  • Adventurous Women

    Five friends are engaged in a conversation, sharing their favorite extreme sports and the mentors who guided them in those sports. Find out the specific extreme sport practiced by each friend and identify their respective mentors.

  • Beautiful Dresses

    Five women are elegantly attired in dresses they recently purchased. Figure out the discount each woman received on her dress.

  • Bike Park

    Five boys are riding bikes at the park. Follow the clues to figure out their pets.

  • Bird Lovers

    Five girls are talking about birds. Follow the clues to figure out the favorite bird of each girl.

  • Black Friday Bargains

    Five friends got different deals during the Black Friday sales. Can you determine the discount each friend got?

  • Booking a Vacation

    Five women are making travel arrangements at a travel agency. Can you determine the country that each woman will be visiting based on the given information?

  • Boss Meeting

    Five bosses are gathered in an important meeting. Your objective is to determine which department each boss is in charge of.

  • Cheeses and Wines

    Five friends are having a discussion about their preferred cheeses and wines. Your task is to determine their favorite cheese and wine pairings using the provided clues.

  • Chiropractor Appointment new

    Five patients are patiently waiting for their appointments with a chiropractor. Figure out the appointment times of each patient as well as the specific pains they are experiencing.

  • Chocolate Lovers

    Five women are eating their favorite chocolate bars. Can you figure out who is eating what?

  • Christmas Gift Exchange

    Five employees are taking part in a company Christmas gift exchange. Figure out which gift each employee received.

  • Cyber Monday Deals

    Five friends are engaged in a conversation, discussing their purchases made on Cyber Monday. Find out the specific items each friend purchased.

  • During the Lockdown

    Five families are at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your task is to follow the clues to determine which activity each family is engaged in.

  • Einstein's Puzzle featured

    This classic logic puzzle is allegedly credited to Albert Einstein. The legend says he created this puzzle as a young boy in the late 19th century.

  • European Tour

    Five friends are in the midst of planning an exciting trip to Europe. Your challenge is to determine the specific attractions they wish to visit during their trip and the duration of their stay.

  • Famous Lakes

    Five friends are talking about their next international trips. Use the clues to find out which famous lake each of them will visit.

  • Female Engineers featured

    Five women are talking about their engineering careers. Follow the clues to figure out their engineering specialties.

  • Fitness Journey

    Five men are actively working to lose weight. Discover the details about their diets and workout routines.

  • Furniture Shopping

    A wooden furniture store recently made five furniture sales. Your task is to determine which customer purchased which piece of furniture and when their respective furniture will be delivered.

  • Girl Power

    Five girls have been deeply inspired by a woman they personally know. Determine the identity of the woman who has influenced and inspired them.

  • Giving Blood featured

    Five women are participating in blood donation. Determine which woman is the universal donor and also identify her age.

  • Halloween Outing

    Five boys are going trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Follow the clues to figure out the costume that each boy is wearing.

  • In Need of Gas

    Five cars are present at a gas station, refueling their tanks. Your objective is to determine the amount of gas being filled up in each car.

  • Italian Food

    Five friends are talking about their favorite Italian food. Find out who likes pizza.

  • Jigsaw Fans new

    Five jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts are talking about their recent puzzle-solving experiences. Your task is to determine which specific puzzle each boy solved.

  • Joyful Masks

    Five friends are wearing joyful masks and talking about the hobbies they picked up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow the clues to figure out their new hobbies.

  • Learning with Games

    Five students are immersed in their laptops, indulging in game playing within the classroom. Your goal is to determine which specific game each student is engrossed in.

  • Luxury Hotel

    Five hotels are next to each other in the same street. Use the clues to find out their characteristics.

  • New Year's Goals

    Five women are discussing their New Year's resolutions for the upcoming year. Determine the resolutions each woman has set for themselves in the coming year.

  • Oriental Rugs

    Five men have recently made purchases from a renowned rugs store, specifically Persian rugs. Your objective is to determine the type of rug that each man bought.

  • Pasta and Wine

    Five friends are planning a dinner together so they are talking about their favorite pastas and wines. Follow the clues to figure out their preferences.

  • Past Civilizations

    Five girls are talking about their passion about past civilizations. Follow the clues to figure out their favorite civilizations.

  • Photo Contest

    Five photographers participated in a photo contest. Use the clues and logic to find out which award the Australian photographer got.

  • Presidents' Day Activity

    Five students wrote essays about five different presidents of the United States. Your task is to determine the length of each essay and match each student to the president they wrote about.

  • Romantic Date featured

    Five couples are on a romantic date. Find out how long they have been dating and what they are eating.

  • Schoolmates Reunion

    Five friends are attending a school reunion. Find out the achievements of each friend based on the provided clues.

  • Secondhand Shopping

    Five women are having a conversation about the clothes they purchased from a thrift store. Determine which clothes each woman bought based on the information provided.

  • Soccer Training

    Five boys from the same soccer team are waiting for their training session to begin. Your task is to determine the color of each boy's soccer cleats and their positions on the field.

  • Social Media Stars

    Five social media stars are engaged in a conversation, discussing their work as influencers and sharing details about their recent trips. Your goal is to determine the travel destinations of each influencer and the number of followers they have.

  • The Art of Italy

    Five women are engaged in a conversation, sharing their experiences of visiting an Italian exhibition. Try to identify the favorite painters of each woman.

  • The New Normal

    Five women are engaged in a conversation, discussing their future travel plans once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Figure out their plans.

  • Tool Shop

    Five men are purchasing tools at a tool shop. Determine which specific tools each man is buying.

  • Work Elevator

    Five businessmen are riding the elevator from the parking lot to their offices. Determine their salaries and the parking spots they use.

  • World Cup Adventure

    Five tourists have traveled to the host country to watch the World Cup matches. Find out the favorite players and companions of each tourist using the provided clues.

  • Young Talents

    Five children are participating in a talent contest. Determine the time at which each child will perform and what talent they will perform.

Hard Puzzles

  • A Greener World

    Five environmentalists are engrossed in a conversation revolving around pressing environmental issues. Use the clues provided and determine their specific areas of expertise.

  • Can't Miss the Target

    Five friends are engaged in a friendly game of darts at a local pub. Your mission is to uncover the scores of each player and determine the color of the darts they are using.

  • Fear Therapy

    Five women are anxiously awaiting their appointments with a psychologist. Your mission is to uncover and identify what each woman's specific fear is.

  • Fouth of July featured

    The Fourth of July is being celebrated in five different houses. Follow the clues to determine the barbecue each family is having.

  • Libraries Around the World

    Five librarians are engaged in a discussion, passionately sharing their favorite libraries from around the world. Can you identify the preferred libraries of each librarian?

  • Oil Paintings

    Five students are attending an oil painting class. Determine the subject that each student has chosen for their painting.

  • Philanthropy Dinner

    Five women are actively involved in a philanthropy dinner. Your challenge is to determine the amount donated by each woman.

  • Planetarium Tour

    Five boys are in a planetarium to learn more about astronomy. Follow the clues to find out their favorite planets.

  • Under the Razor

    Five men have gathered at a barbershop to transform their beard styles. Your task is to discover which beard style each man has chosen.

  • United Nations Assembly

    Five delegates have convened for a meeting at the United Nations. Can you discover the concerns of each delegate?

  • Upcoming Missions

    Five spies are gathered in a briefing room, receiving crucial instructions for their upcoming missions. Your task is to determine the country to which each spy is assigned.

  • Vehicle Repair Shop

    Five broken cars have found their way to the mechanic's workshop. Your objective is to identify and determine the specific problem afflicting each car.

  • Wealthy Investors featured

    Five wealthy investors are engaged in a conversation regarding their recent investments. Your task is to identify the youngest investor among them and determine the type of companies that pique his interest.

Very Hard Puzzles

  • Airport Coffee Break featured

    Five businessmen are currently at a coffee shop located within an American airport. Figure out the destinations they are traveling to, their departure times, and the corresponding gates for each of them.

  • Chemical Elements

    Five students are talking about their favorite chemical elements. Follow the clues and find out which is the favorite chemical element of the student wearing the black shirt.

  • Crypto Chat

    Five friends are talking about the cryptocoins they have. Guess the number of coins each friend has and identify the specific coins they own.

  • Epic RPG Adventure

    Five friends are playing a RPG Game. Figure out the attributes of each character.

  • Glamorous Models

    Five models are patiently waiting for their turn to walk on the catwalk. Your goal is to determine the attributes of each model by utilizing the provided clues.

  • Home Makeover

    Five couples want to refresh their homes by remodeling a room from their houses. Figure out their budgets, and which rooms they are remodeling.

  • International DJs

    Five famous DJs are scheduled to perform at an electronic music festival. Determine the stage on which each DJ will be playing.

  • Popular Dogs featured

    Five well-known dogs have come together for a TV program. Your objective is to discover the unique talents of each dog by following the given clues.

  • Professional Gymnasts new

    Five gymnasts are participating in a gymnastics competition. Determine the score of each gymnast and the specific country they represent.

  • Upcoming Blues Band

    Six musicians are engaged in a conversation about starting a blues band. Which name was suggested by which musician?

Learn how to play

  • Basic 1

    This is possibly the easiest zebra puzzle you'll find. Solve it if this is your first time playing this kind of logic puzzle.

  • Basic 2

    Have fun playing this very easy zebra puzzle that only has 7 clues.

  • Basic 3

    This zebra puzzle is a little bit harder than the previous basic ones.

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