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Logic Puzzles
Logic Puzzles

Use the clues to fill the grid using only logic.

Zebra Puzzles
Zebra Puzzles

Try to solve this classic logic puzzle.

Einstein's Puzzle
Einstein's Puzzle

Can you solve one of the most famous logic puzzle ever?

Zebra Puzzles »

  • Bike Park

    Five boys are riding bikes at the park. Follow the clues to figure out their pets.

  • Ice Creams

    Figure out the favorite ice cream of each boy.

  • Pasta and Wine

    Five friends are planning a dinner together so they are talking about their favorite pastas and wines. Follow the clues to figure out their preferences.

Logic Puzzles »

  • Most Important Meal of the Day

    Five roommates eat breakfast at different times in the morning. Follow the clues to determine what each one ate.

  • Movie Goers

    Three friends are going together to see a movie that starts at 12:30 pm. Determine what time they left for the movie.

  • Ballroom Dancing

    Three distinguished pairs stole the spotlight in a different dance in a ballroom dancing social event. Determine the dance in which they excelled.