How to play

  • Pick a letter from the keyboard to see if it's in the mysterious word. Then, look at the color behind it:
    • If it is white, the letter isn't in the hidden word;
    • If it is yellow, the letter is in the word, but it's not in the right spot;
    • If it is green, the letter is in the word and it's in the correct place.
  • You can guess 7 times to figure out the mysterious word;
  • Every time you guess, you need to pick a certain number of letters;
  • The goal is to find the hidden word in as few guesses as possible;
  • The game ends if you find the hidden word or if you've used up all your guesses.


  • First, try to see if the word contains the letters that are used a lot in English, like "etaoi";
  • Another good idea is to first find out which letters are in the word, and then work out where they should go.

More info

  • The mysterious words are made of different letters, no letter repeats;
  • The words don't include names, slang words, or short forms;
  • This game is a bit like mixing the games Wordzilla and Hangman together.

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