Daily Jigsaw - 28/09 - 16h

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How to play

  • Select your desired difficulty level, each offering a distinct number of pieces;
  • Choose your preferred puzzle piece style, opt for "Square Pieces" for a slightly heightened challenge compared to the "Traditional Pieces";
  • If you prefer a more relaxed experience, enable "Show Background Image";
  • Arrange the pieces by moving them around, striving to fit them into their correct positions (rotation is not allowed);
  • You can connect two or more pieces together, even if they aren't in the exact right spot;
  • No need to worry if you can't finish the puzzle immediately. Simply save the URL and return to it whenever you wish to continue where you left off;
  • The game ends when all pieces are successfully placed.


Discover the perfect balance of relaxation and challenge with jigsaw puzzles. Simply select the difficulty level that suits you best. Additionally, playing online ensures you never lose a piece and offers a wide selection of puzzles to enjoy (updated four times per day).

Photo by Mercedes Mehling / Unsplash


The picture below shows how the completed puzzle should look. If you want a challenge, turn off the background image when starting a new game and only look at this picture if you need help.

Daily Jigsaw - 28/09 - 16h

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