How to play

  • Drag and drop the letters into the empty cells, making sure that each row, column, and main diagonal contains the given Greek letters without any repetitions (these cells have a blue background);
  • Every grid starts with the first row and a few other cells already filled;
  • During gameplay:
    • Drag a given Greek letter (blue background) and drop it into an empty cell;
    • To remove a letter you placed, click on it within the grid.
  • If you make a logical error, such as repeating letters in the same row, column, or main diagonal, the misplaced cells will be highlighted with a red border;
  • The game concludes when all cells are correctly filled;
  • Remember that each game can be solved using logical reasoning alone, without any guessing;
  • The difficulty level affects the grid size and the logical strategies required to solve it.


  • If this is your first time playing, start with the "Very Easy" grid to understand the rules clearly;
  • Begin by examining the grid and identifying the letter that appears most frequently. You will likely use it right away;
  • Logic strategies like "Naked Pairs" and "Hidden Pairs" commonly used in Sudoku puzzles can also be applied in this game.


The Greek letters present in this game are: Δ (Delta), Θ (Theta), Λ (Lambda), Ξ (Csi), Π (Pi), Σ (Sigma), Φ (Phi), Ψ (Psi) and Ω (Omega).

This logic game was originally created by Leonid Mochalov.


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