How to play

  • Choose a game type:
    • Clues and Mix: Every word comes with its own hint;
    • One Clue: A single clue is given for all the words;
    • Two Clues: Each word comes with two clues.
  • Choose two letters (from the same word or from different words) and switch their places;
  • If a letter turns green, that means it's in the right spot in its word. You can't swap that letter anymore;
  • Use the provided hints and switch around the letters until you've figured out all the scrambled words.


  • A helpful strategy is to start by determining the correct position of the given vowels, especially the letters "e," "a," and "o," as they are commonly found in English words;
  • Keep in mind that vowels usually appear between two consonants;
  • Many words contain digraphs, which are two letters that create a single sound. Examples include "th," "sh," "ch," "ck," "wh," "ai," "oo," "ey," and others. If you identify the correct placement of a letter that could be part of a digraph, see if it forms one.

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