How to play

  • Employ the provided letters to craft words. Keep in mind, proper nouns, slangs, and abbreviations aren't allowed;
  • To add a letter to your new word, simply click on it. To remove it, click on the same letter once more;
  • If you wish to clear all the letters from your word, simply click on the red button;
  • You can jumble up the provided letters by hitting the shuffle button;
  • Each tiny square located beneath the shuffle button corresponds to a letter, and each set of letters represents a word that needs to be discovered. Words are grouped based on their length and are arranged in alphabetical order;
  • The game ends when all the concealed words have been found.


  • If you can, try to make a word you've made into a plural;
  • The hidden words are sorted by size and in ABC order. This can help you spot a word you haven't found yet that's between two words you already know;
  • If you're stuck, try using the shuffle button. Mixing up the letters might help you see a new word;
  • All the words in this game are from a list used in big word games in the U.S., so finding all the hidden words won't be easy.

The Role of Alphabetical Order in Wordzilla Success

The role of alphabetical order in Wordzilla is a subtle yet powerful element that can greatly influence a player's success. This ordering system provides a methodical approach to the game, guiding players through the possible word combinations within a given set of letters. By presenting words in alphabetical sequence, players can systematically explore word options, which can be particularly helpful when they hit a mental block or when the letters seem intractable. This structure allows players to use known words as anchors, helping them to deduce or guess adjacent words in the sequence, which might only differ by a letter or two. It's a cognitive shortcut that turns a random scramble into a decipherable pattern.

Understanding and utilizing this alphabetical framework can lead to more efficient gameplay. Players who grasp this concept can strategically hunt for words, often predicting the next possible word and narrowing down their search field. For instance, if a player finds the word "hint," they can reasonably assume that words following it might start with "hin" or "hi" and progress from there. This not only speeds up the word-finding process but also aids in learning new words that fit into the alphabetical patterns being worked on. In essence, the alphabetical order in Wordzilla acts as a silent tutor, constantly nudging the player towards linguistic discovery and, ultimately, game success.

How to Use Wordzilla to Enhance Your Vocabulary

Wordzilla is not just a game; it's a tool for linguistic expansion. Each session is an opportunity to encounter and master new words, subtly enhancing one's vocabulary. As players sift through letters to form words, they often stumble upon unfamiliar terms, prompting curiosity and learning. The game's structure, which rewards the discovery of longer and more complex words, naturally incentivizes players to stretch their linguistic boundaries. This pursuit leads to the exploration of dictionaries or thesauruses, turning gameplay into an educational endeavor. Moreover, the alphabetical arrangement of words within the game encourages players to mentally sort through their vocabulary, reinforcing word recall and pattern recognition.

Additionally, the constraints imposed by Wordzilla—such as excluding proper nouns, slangs, and abbreviations—ensure that players are engaging with standard language, which is beneficial for those learning English as a second language or anyone looking to polish their communication skills. The game's challenge to find all possible words from a given set of letters serves as a puzzle that stimulates cognitive functions related to language and problem-solving. Over time, regular engagement with Wordzilla can lead to a richer vocabulary, as players internalize words discovered during play, expanding their linguistic repertoire beyond everyday conversation and into the more sophisticated realms of language.


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