How to play

  • Employ the provided letters to craft words. Keep in mind, proper nouns, slangs, and abbreviations aren't allowed;
  • To add a letter to your new word, simply click on it. To remove it, click on the same letter once more;
  • If you wish to clear all the letters from your word, simply click on the red button;
  • You can jumble up the provided letters by hitting the shuffle button;
  • Each tiny square located beneath the shuffle button corresponds to a letter, and each set of letters represents a word that needs to be discovered. Words are grouped based on their length and are arranged in alphabetical order;
  • The game ends when all the concealed words have been found.


  • If you can, try to make a word you've made into a plural;
  • The hidden words are sorted by size and in ABC order. This can help you spot a word you haven't found yet that's between two words you already know;
  • If you're stuck, try using the shuffle button. Mixing up the letters might help you see a new word;
  • All the words in this game are from a list used in big word games in the U.S., so finding all the hidden words won't be easy.

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