• Daily Fun Hangman Game

    Unleash your word-guessing prowess in this entertaining Hangman version. Can you guess three words related to a clue?

  • Hard Hangman Game

    Step into the realm of expert word guessing with this challenging variant. Explore a special list of hard-to-guess words and prove your mastery in Hangman.

How to Play

  • Uncover the hidden word using the provided clue: "Common Fear";
  • Each dash represents a letter from the word, occupying its exact position;
  • Guess the word by selecting letters:
    • Correct guesses reveal the chosen letter within the word.
  • Be cautious! You are limited to five mistakes. One more, and the game is over;
  • Victory is achieved when you successfully uncover the hidden word;
  • Take your time as there is no time limit to worry about.

About the game

Commonly enjoyed by two or more participants, this enthralling word-guessing game employs the classic combination of paper and pencil. It commences with one player selecting a word or phrase, cleverly represented by a series of dashes. The remaining players must employ their linguistic prowess to unravel the hidden word before exhausting their allotted mistakes. With each incorrect guess, the stick figure gradually takes shape.

If you're curious to learn more about the intricacies of the Hangman Game, the Wikipedia page dedicated to this engaging word game is a great place to start.

Thematic Hangman Game

Select a themed Hangman Game for a unique experience. Every playthrough offers a fresh word to decipher.



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