How to play

  • There is no clue, except it is a hard word;
  • Each dash represents a letter from the word, occupying its exact position;
  • Guess the word by selecting letters:
    • Correct guesses reveal the chosen letter within the word.
  • Be cautious! You are limited to five mistakes. One more, and the game is over;
  • Victory is achieved when you successfully uncover the hidden word;
  • If you lose, the game will let you know which was the hidden word;
  • Take your time as there is no time limit to worry about.

More Variations

See our main page to play more variations.


  • Many of the "hard words" contain fewer vowels. Avoid wasting your chances by guessing all the vowels indiscriminately.
  • Uncommon letters in the English language tend to appear frequently in these "hard words."

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