How to play

  • Use the clues to make the words;
  • Press on a letter and start moving across the nearby letters to make a line between them, which might become a valid word;
  • The screen above the letters displays the words you're making;
  • Press a letter outside the line if you want to start a new line or erase the previous one;
  • The two circles on the line can be moved to change both the start and the end of the current word;
  • Once you find a hidden word, its letters disappear from the game;
  • The game finishes when you find all the words.


  • Before you begin, read all the clues carefully. Spotting the easy words first will make the harder ones seem less daunting;
  • At times, you might be able to form a word using different routes, but the game will only accept one path.

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