• color
  • Mechanic
  • Manufacturer
  • Problem
  • Type
Car #1 #1
Car #2 #2
Car #3 #3
Car #4 #4
Car #5 #5
  • Matthew is repairing the car immediately to the right of the vehicle that Kenneth is working on.
  • The Green vehicle is parked next to the Hatchback type car.
  • The French manufacturer's car is in the fourth position.
  • The car that has a problem connecting the wheels to the engine comes directly before Kenneth's project.
  • Fred is working on a car that is immediately after the vehicle made by the German manufacturer.
  • A Hatchback type vehicle is situated at one of the extremities.
  • The Red-colored car is also a German-made vehicle.
  • The car with an engine problem is situated between Kenneth's project and the vehicle with a shock absorber issue, in that order.
  • The Orange-colored vehicle sits somewhere between the Crossover type and a vehicle manufactured in Britain, in that order.
  • The Pickup type vehicle is experiencing a brake problem.
  • The Sedan type car is somewhere between the Orange-colored vehicle and the Coupe type car, in that order.
  • Somewhere to the left of the car with a Muffler problem, you'll find a Green car.
  • The Crossover type vehicle is parked next to the vehicle manufactured in Sweden.
  • Stephen is working on a car that's somewhere to the right of the Purple-colored vehicle.

How to play

  • The best way to start is reading all the clues and marking the most basic ones (example: The Brazilian lives in the second house.);
  • Now, it is possible that other types of clues are available to be used (example: The person who drinks Water is exactly to the left of the Brazilian.);
  • After doing the last step several times, you will have to use logic to deduce information and proceed with the resolution;
  • All the clues must be used;
  • The game ends when all the clues are correctly checked and everything is filled.

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