• Color
  • Nationality
  • Pet
  • Sport
House #1 #1
House #2 #2
House #3 #3
House #4 #4
  • The Chilean lives in the second house.
  • The man who likes Boxing lives exactly to the left of the Blue house.
  • The Japanese lives exactly to the left of the person who likes Fishing.
  • At the second house lives the Dog owner.
  • The Japanese lives exactly to the right of the man who has Dogs.
  • The person who likes Surfing lives next to the man who has Turtles for a pet.
  • The Bird owner lives next to the man that likes Fishing.
  • The Australian lives exactly to the right of the man who likes Boxing.
  • The Red house is located somewhere between the Irishman house and the Yellow house, in that order.

How to play

  • The best way to start is reading all the clues and marking the most basic ones (example: The Brazilian lives in the second house.);
  • Now, it is possible that other types of clues are available to be used (example: The person who drinks Water is exactly to the left of the Brazilian.);
  • After doing the last step several times, you will have to use logic to deduce informations and proceed with the resolution;
  • All the clues must be used;
  • The game ends when all the clues are correctly checked and everything is filled.

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