Daily Jigsaw - 05/06 - 12h

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How to play

  • Select your desired difficulty level, each offering a distinct number of pieces;
  • Choose your preferred puzzle piece style, opt for "Square Pieces" for a slightly heightened challenge compared to the "Traditional Pieces";
  • If you prefer a more relaxed experience, enable "Show Background Image";
  • Arrange the pieces by moving them around, striving to fit them into their correct positions (rotation is not allowed);
  • You can connect two or more pieces together, even if they aren't in the exact right spot;
  • No need to worry if you can't finish the puzzle immediately. Simply save the URL and return to it whenever you wish to continue where you left off;
  • The game ends when all pieces are successfully placed.


The picture below shows how the completed puzzle should look. If you want a challenge, turn off the background image when starting a new game and only look at this picture if you need help.

Daily Jigsaw - 05/06 - 12h

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