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1. How To Become A Genius, The Independent, 4th April 2005. This article included puzzles from my book Test Your Creative Thinking.



2. Four of my puzzles appeared in the creative section of Get Smarter in a Week on BBC1 TV on Saturday March 11th 2006. Another four appeared in the follow-up online test.



3. In 2007-8 a few of my puzzles were published in David Bodycombe's The Riddles of The Sphinx and in Paul Sloane and Des MacHale's Captivating Lateral Thinking Puzzles. Paul has asked to publish several more in his next book too.



4. Between December 2007 and May 2008 I wrote 25 puzzles for Publications International Limited to go in some of their books and their Brain Games magazine.



5. At the end of 2008 two of my puzzles, 'Alphabet-Tickle' and 'Uptown', appeared on posters on Chicago's Metra as part of a campaign by advertising agency Element79 to promote Harris Bank.



Harris Bank Puzzle Poster 1



Harris Bank Puzzle Poster 2



Harris Bank Puzzle Poster 3



6. In June 2008 I moved from the UK to Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia.


7. In 2009-10 advertising agency Element79 are to use 8 more of my puzzles on posters to promote Harris Bank on Chicago's Metra. Here's one of the posters:



Harris Bank Puzzle Poster 4



8. In the spring of 2010 some of my puzzles appeared in 2 issues of Brain World magazine.










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