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January/February Prize Puzzle Wizard Challenge







Congratulations to Gayathri Nagarajan of India on winning the November/December prize contest. All correct entries were also received from Karan Sharma, Ajit Athle, Suresh Dorbala, Renato Baltazar, Akshin Bhardwaj and Kishore Rao. Well done to everyone else who had a go too. :o)


OK, here are 4 new puzzles for you to solve. The winner will receive a classic white 11oz mug with an Aha! Puzzles design of their choice. In the event of a tie, the winner's name will be drawn out of a hat.


Please email your answers to Lloyd@ahapuzzles.com by midnight (GMT) on Wednesday 1st March and put 'Puzzle Wizard Challenge' as the e-mail's subject heading. I'll post the names of those who sent in correct entries here the following day. Please remember to let me know your first and last names so I can give you full credit.


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Once again, I hope you have lots of fun solving the puzzles and have a happy New Year. Lloyd :o)






3 all correct entries so far.





Familiar Phrase


  Lloyd King


1) What familiar phrase does this represent? (6, 2, 3 and 9 letters)



Familiar Phrase Puzzle







  Lloyd King


2) Figure out the logic used in the 2 complete rows and, using the same logic, correctly fill in the empty hexagons in the 3 remaining rows.



Hex-Agony Puzzle





A Bunch Of Letters


  Lloyd King


3) Take away one letter below to leave a bunch of flowers.



A Bunch Of Letters Puzzle





Filling In Time


  Lloyd King


4) Figure out the familiar noun represented on the left side of this equation, then correctly fill in the missing letters represented by dots on the right side so that both sides are equal.



Filling In Time Puzzle













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