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Amazing "Aha!" Puzzles



Click to buy Lloyd King's puzzle book, Amazing "Aha!" Puzzles



Do you want to improve your ability to think ‘outside the box’ and boost your creativity?


This truly mind-altering and inspirational book of more than 300 brand new lateral puzzles provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone to improve their creativity and mental flexibility. It is packed with all kinds of fun and imaginative problems of varying degrees of difficulty that encourage you to break out of familiar thought patterns and to think creatively and ‘outside the box’. In addition, the puzzles have extremely rewarding and addictive “Aha!” answers absolutely guaranteed to make you both groan and smile at the same time. Puzzle wizards, young and old, will absolutely love this book as well as be completely enchanted by it!


This book is available to order from all good bookshops and you can enquire about wholesale prices by emailing Lloyd.


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Buy from Lulu.com (hardcover)





Neurologist Dr. R. L. Kaplan of 'Smart-Kit.com'

Some of the best puzzles around...

"Received the hardcover version of the book, and it's truly wonderful. I love it! My son and I are having loads of fun working through these unique puzzles."


Philip Carter - world famous puzzle book author

Puzzles Are Fun.

"I like Lloyd King’s puzzles! They are challenging, creative, often very amusing, and great fun. For me, this is a 5 star puzzle collection, indeed Lloyd is a 5 star puzzler, and has been for the 20 or so years that I have known him."


Bill Bultas - puzzle writer and owner of 'Puzz.com'

An outstanding puzzle book - blows others away.
Lloyd's lateral thinking puzzles first appealed to me when I worked through them in his Test Your Creative Thinking book by The Times/Kogan-Page. This book is even BETTER. 317 puzzles with absolutely wonderful illustrations. I fell in love with puzzles nearly 10 years ago, but my wife, a non-puzzler, is also enjoying this book. Well worth the purchase price."


Muhamed Veletanlic from Sweden

Magical AHA! puzzles.

"This genial book is one of three books written by the master of puzzles Lloyd King. This one is his latest and maybe the best one, even if it would be rather unfair to draw that conclusion, because every one of his books is very different and unique in it's own way. Lloyd's book "Test Your Creative Thinking" is the one that made me love puzzles.

"Amazing AHA Puzzles" contains over 300 puzzles. The remarkable and amazing thing is that every single puzzle is very unique and doesn't resemble any other puzzle in the book. That shows the writers colorful and versatile imagination and creativity.

English is not my native language, so in the beginning, I found some of the wordy puzzles rather difficult. The fine thing is that these puzzles will even make you think English and learn English in quite an unique way. Therefore, I would recommend Lloyd King's books even to those who want to learn English and be better at English.

The book's wonderful illustrations show us that an amazing amount of energy and time has been invested into every page of this work of genius."


Albert Frank - Mathematician

I warmly recommend this book.

"When I read Lloyd King's book, Amazing "Aha!" Puzzles, I had the impression it's one of the best puzzle books ever written. There are very few books involving lateral thinking - for sure, this one does. Lloyd, founder of the VINCI Society, has an incredibly high imagination and creativity. He perfectly summarises his views in his article 'Creative Thinking'."


David Coldwell from South Africa

King sized creativity.

"Coming from a relatively puzzle-less background, I am a recent convert to the imaginative puzzle world presented by Lloyd King's special brand of AHA! creative magic. This beautifully presented book contains puzzles ranging from the relatively simple to the almost impossible. Fortunately all the answers, with full and elaborate explanations, are available in the book so the reader is not only able to obtain emotional release if the need arises (as assuredly it will!) but is also able to gain a real insight into the mechanics of a truly creative and imaginative mind and in so doing improve his/her own creative and lateral thinking. This is a highly recommended book."


Kay Lindgren
Amazing Aha! Puzzles by Lloyd King.

"Are you finding it hard to focus on your work? Are you stressed by the tedium there? Are you a writer or an artist going through a dry spell? Or are you just somebody who finds the daily crossword too easy and, therefore, hungers for some challenging puzzles?

If any of these are you (and even if none are!) you should buy this book. It will give you a stimulating mental workout that will get your creative juices flowing so you can solve those problems at work or break out that creative dry spell. You will also laugh and go "Eureka!" as you work these wonderful puzzles.

I give it three thumbs up! The puzzles are truly amazing. Try them. Enjoy the good feeling you get when you solve one!"


Monik Robichaud of 'Quotagrams.com'

Excellent puzzle book for any puzzle lover.

"I've been buying puzzle books for over 25 years, and finally I feel I've spent good money with Lloyd King's "AHA" puzzle book.

On days that I had a spare half hour in my day to just sit back, relax and enjoy "ME" time, I would pick this book to challenge my brain, flex it, and laugh along with it.

Once this puzzle book is finished, I intend to buy his other book at Amazon, "Test Your Creative Thinking", because I just can't get enough. Well done!!"


Brian Clegg of 'Creativity Unleashed Ltd.'

Highly Recommended.

"This isn't just a recreational book of puzzles, although they are great just for fun. The aim according to the author is to 'improve your ability to "think outside the box" and boost your creativity.'

It's an attractive concept that has some validity. Just as we need to exercise our physical muscles to achieve more with them, we need to give our mental muscles workouts at problem solving and idea generation, and one way to do this is through using puzzles.

There's plenty in there, 317 in all, ranging from the relatively trivial to the absolutely stumping. One or two are frustrating because the logic is a little twisted or depends on what something sounds like (risky if English isn't your first language), but there's certainly a good mental workout.

Probably the biggest single lesson is to look at each problem you are faced with in a range of different ways. Don't take things at face value. Watch out for the assumptions. It's easy enough to chant this mantra, but much harder to do it in practice - that's where plenty of exercise comes in. Highly recommended."




Test Your Creative Thinking



Click to buy Lloyd King's puzzle book, Test Your Creative ThinkingClick to buy Lloyd King's puzzle book, Test Your Creative Thinking



Almost everyone is born with the capacity to be creative, but few realize it and such skills are often neglected or untapped. Lateral thinking is all about thinking "outside the box", breaking out of familiar thought patterns and coming up with new possibilities. It is one of the keys to improving creativity. This book of brand new lateral puzzles aims to encourage creative thinking. Whether at work, as part of an assessment or simply for fun, learning to think creatively can be hugely rewarding and make a real difference to anyone’s ability. By trying to find unusual or unexpected associations, patterns and connections, one can learn to keep an open mind and to look at everything in a different way. With plenty of original puzzles (about 250) and tips, this book provides an ideal opportunity for anyone to practice thinking laterally and improve their creativity.



Buy from Lulu.com (ebook)

Buy from Lulu.com (paperback)





Ajit Athle

"Your puzzles are out of this world! Superb!"


Creativity Unleashed

"This is the best source we’ve come across for [lateral thinking] puzzles and should be on the shelf of anyone who wants to improve personal creativity."


Management Today
"Succeed in giving your mind a good work-out…best of its kind."


Business Plus
"This book provides an ideal opportunity for anyone to assess and improve their creativity."


Mind Enhancing Entertainment!

"'Test Your Creative Thinking' is a book of challenging, lateral thinking puzzles. And you don't need to belong to an elite club, have obscure, specialist knowledge, or be old enough to have accumulated years of trivial information, in order to solve them.

If you enjoy puzzles, but are sick of boring logic and I.Q. puzzles, then this is the book for you!

For those unfamiliar with the concept of lateral thinking, 'Test Your Creative Thinking' is the ideal instruction manual. Attempting these puzzles will actually encourage you to think laterally, that is with creativity and imagination, as well as with logic.

To solve Lloyd King's puzzles you need to engage your imagination and reason in new ways, exercising your lateral thinking skills.

Even if you find some of the puzzles too difficult, and give up in frustration, peeking at an answer will inspire you to think more creatively in the future.

Reading this book provides a true learning experience. Not only that, 'Test Your Creative Thinking' is very entertaining. The puzzles have 'attitude', some of them are really quite cheeky, and the solutions will have you smiling, at the very least.

The puzzles are more suited to older children and adults, though young children appreciate the humour, and can benefit from being shown the puzzles together with their solutions.

'Test Your Creative Thinking' is the type of book that people like to share with friends. But be warned, if you lend this book to anyone, it will be passed around, and you may never see it again.

...Better to be on the safe side and buy two of them!!!"


Paul Sloane - Lateral Thinking expert and author

"Lloyd, 'What living thing is a cross between a man and a cat?' That is a great riddle!


I was recommended your books by a contact. I got Test Your Creative Thinking and I enjoyed it. Many puzzle books rehash old material but you are creating clever new puzzles. In fact I was so impressed that I added it to my Listmania list of Great Puzzle Books."


Cliff Pickover - Author

Wow. Really forces the reader to "think outside the box".
"Lloyd King has created a fantastic book of puzzles that coax the reader to use lateral thinking and to break out of standard patterns of thought. This book is an incredible mind expander. The puzzles are original and hugely rewarding and will make a difference in the way you look at the world. The ultimate brain work out. Buy the book and feed your head."


Jan Merolant of 'Creative Puzzels'

Wonderfully Tricky.
"Lloyd King surely belongs to one of the great innovative puzzle designers of this time. His puzzles are so imaginative and unusually tricky, it is a joy to try them. When you fail to see the intended answer, you get an even greater thrill when his clever answers are revealed. This book will give you many hours of amusement, and is definitely a must have. I own all of Lloyd King's books, and I can't wait to get my hands on his next book."


Bill Bultas of 'Puzz.com'

Perhaps the Best Puzzle Book I Have Ever Worked Through.

"And I have worked through dozens. As a professional puzzle writer/creator, I get to see a lot of "old chestnuts" that are repackaged versions of puzzles written decades or even centuries ago. Lloyd's book is quite different. There are a few authors (who I will not name) who have given "lateral thinking" something of a bad reputation. By comparison, Lloyd uses excellent illustrations (he is a painter and artist, btw), and really fun teasers that will have you scratching your head until you have that "aha!" experience and KNOW the answer. At first I couldn't make heads or tails of his puzzles, but once you get inside his head, it is quite enjoyable. I have now spent far too many hours on this book, and plan to spend many more. Fun stuff."


Barry R. Clarke of 'The Puzzling World of Barry R. Clarke'

Puzzle Art.

"Go to any bookstore, take a puzzle book from the shelf, and browse through the pages. Of all the puzzles in the book you see in front of you, how many of them are derivatives of previously published material? The answer's simple - most of them. Blandness and repetition can be found on bookshelves in abundance. In contrast, Mr King's work is full of originality and this fact alone deserves celebration. He has done more than most to develop the closed lateral puzzle, the form where all necessary information is given. Their difficulty often lies in there being only a single clue, sometimes only in the title, and this is bound to stretch one's powers of perception and interpretation. If, as a result, the solution is beyond your reach, don't feel cheated or defeated. Just look in the back of the book and try to see it as a work of art - because quite a lot of it is."


Jonathan Wai from The United States

Into The Mind of a Puzzle Wizard.

"The best puzzles are not always the ones with the most logical solution, but oftentimes those that stimulate your brain to make connections in an entirely new manner. Just as there are multiple proofs to mathematical problems, there are many novel ways to solve creative thinking puzzles that require various mixtures of convergent and divergent thinking. In Test Your Creative Thinking, Lloyd King brings together an adequate balance of intelligence, creativity and humor that pushed me to invent new patterns of thought.


One of the features I appreciated most about the book is the way it progresses evenly from low to high degrees of difficulty in a continuous development. Many of the items are deceptively easy, or seem to have no solution at all, but that is because the solution is typically a creative twist that is completely unique to Lloyd King. The advanced test will be a challenge to even the best puzzle solvers, and will without a doubt be a mental exercise worth engaging in.


What I enjoyed most about this book, as well as Lloyd's other books and creations, is the humor and easy going fun tone throughout the book. Many of the puzzles are indeed out of the box and the stories and settings that accompany them are no exception. I have purchased many puzzle books, and spent countless hours solving puzzles that seem canned or derivations of many others I had seen before. In Test Your Creative Thinking, this is definitely not the case, as puzzle wizard Lloyd King provides an opportunity to experience the workings of his equally divergent and convergent mind."










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